Azulejos, In loving memory of Mario Miranda.

Azulejos, In loving memory of Mario Miranda.

Words cannot describe, what significance Mario Miranda’s work holds on the artistic culture of this generation, and many more to come. If you aren’t familiar with who Mario is, the only valid explanation would be that you’ve been living under a rock.


The legendary journey of Mario began at an early age when he started drawing on his walls. His mother acknowledged his artistic endeavours and brought him a blank book, which he referred to as ‘Diary.’ Keeping diaries later became a prominent habit in his life wherein he saved a piece of his drawings that were very personal to him.

Despite Goa being his birth place, he spent most of his time shuttling between Mumbai and Goa. He pursued his career as a cartoonist in now-defunct newspaper ‘The Illustrated weekly of India’ and briefly for ‘Current’ magazine, after which he worked in ‘Times of India’ where some of his iconic characters like Miss Nimbupani and Miss Fonesca were born.

Bagging some of national and international’s most acclaimed awards, Mario Miranda became an exalted cartoonist in India. His artistic virtuosity remains unmatched to this day.

Favourite Themes of Mario Miranda

Mario Miranda was a connoisseur of everyday life. He would observe the world unravel from the corner seats of restaurants, streets and pretty much anywhere life dwelled.

These observations were heavily reflected in his work. Every place he had travelled to, remains immortalized in his cartoon world.

Picture 1: Mario Miranda decal tile collection from Velha Goa

In Goa, his favourite scenes were that of local Taverna – he has sketched glimpses from market capturing the true essence of hustle and chaos that we’re often part of, but never give a thought to.

As for Mumbai, he itched the canvas with the street life. Accoladed for his eye for details, he saw what most people overlooked. Mario brought the tales of the streets to life.

Picture 2: Mario Miranda decal tile collection for Marriots

Influence on Azulejos

What makes Goa unique isn’t its serene beaches and pulchritudinous locations, but its magnificent architecture and exclusiveness in its artistry. 

Azulejos means hand painted ceramic tiles, brought to Goa by Portuguese (only available in Goa). While they started out with traditional motifs, over time it has reinvented itself to keep in context with the changing times, unlike most crafts.

The artists practising Azulejos have evolved their techniques, allowing mass production. Mario Miranda’s caricatures have seemingly heavy influence on the modern designs of Azulejos tiles. The unorthodox design compliments the art and is a favourite Collab amongst people.

Picture 3: Mario Miranda decal tile collection by Velha Goa
Picture 4: Multipurpose holder

To combine two of most essential arts of Goa into one, is the greatest tribute to the legacy of Mario Miranda. These aren’t just tiles, they’re extension of Mario’s passion, and memory we must preserve at all costs.

If you’re intrigued by Mario Miranda’s work and Azulejos, then you need to head to Velha Goa to view some of the finest collections and wholesome art pieces.

 If you’re planning to visit Goa (or already live here) you need to get yourself acquainted with the local art, and if you’re an art enthusiast you can learn the art from the masters themselves at Velha Goa through their workshops.

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