Top 5 unique souvenirs: Goa

Top 5 unique souvenirs: Goa

Nothing validates vacations like little fridge magnets all cramped on the door. An open log of all the places you’ve been to and have brought back.

But some places like Goa, deserve more than just your fridge presence.

Every year flocks of tourist visit the state, while some want to live out their Bollywood fantasies, others want to witness its anomalous beauty and culture. It is when you visit the historical sites and live amongst the people that you realize, Goa, is beyond beaches and booze.

 It is hard not to fall in love with the people and their customs.

But, can you take a part of this rich heritage home?

Yes, you can!

The go-to souvenir from Goa are cashews and feni, although these are good mementos they do not stay with you forever to reminisce on the memories of a trip well done.

Then how can you cherish the memories forever?

Well, have you ever considered handmade and hand painted ceramics?

if you’ve cruised the state well, you’d know that Azulejos (hand-painted ceramic tiles) are an intricate part of Goa’s culture. These tiles along with many other ceramic products are common in local households.

These not only make great mementos but are also useful. It’s time for you to move over mainstream souvenirs and take back home some real Goan culture.

Here is a list of 5 unique souvenirs you need to pick up on your visit from Goa:

  1. Azulejos

Even though Azulejos comes under ceramic tiles, it deserves a point of its own. Dwelling on the side-walks, Churches, houses and hotels, these colourful tiles narrates its own tale.

Often painted with anecdotes of Goan life – scenes from Tavernas, Kunbi dance, sussegad people and lush landscapes.

They also come with illustrations inspired from India’s renowned cartoonist Mario Miranda. The tiles honour some of his famous characters as well as recreations of his acclaimed illustrations.

  • Ceramic Tile Plaques

When you hear the word ‘tile’ you often imagine your bathroom or kitchen walls, or your living room floors. It is time to broaden your horizon in terms of art and designing, ceramic tile plaques are tile art pieces that make perfect show pieces in any part of your house.

  • Ceramic Crosses

‘’God is confined not to religion, but to beliefs” by this we mean, you don’t have to be Christian to own these beautiful ceramic crosses.

These crosses are sure to elevate the divinity of your house.

They also make a great gift for Baptism, Christianing, weddings and housewarmings. Sometimes you don’t even need a occaision to give someone a gift so, this makes for a perfect thoughtful gesture.

  • Ceramic Holders

A broad range of products fall under this, but to emphasis on one, let us look at the pulchritudinous vases.

Vases although commonly available throughout the country, the handy work as good as Goan craftsman is hard to find. Coated with the most alluring designs, it is a must have.

Along with these beautiful vases you can find yourselves some amazing bowls, candle stands, frames, jewellery boxes and ashtrays.

  • Name Plaques

Yes! You read that right.

Last but not the least, Goa’s very own and unique Azulejos/handcrafted name plaques.

Although, a bizarre item to take back as memento, plaques in Goa are special. If you walk around the town, you’ll notice that shops, homes and government buildings have these beautifully hand painted/hand crafted tiles hanging or embedded on the walls.

(We do have to warn you though, that these are custom made and might take some time. Book them beforehand)

While ceramic products are largely available, one with Azulejos is limited. Velha Goa deals with all the products shown in the above images and has a galore of more souvenirs to choose from.

 So, at the end of your trip, pick up all your goodies from Velha Goa, they will guarantee you the best quality, and guide you through your options.

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