Ceramic Christmas By Velha Goa

Ceramic Christmas By Velha Goa

Have you been using plastic decoration for all your Christmas parties? If yes, then you need to stop now! Considering all the impact plastic has on the environment you need to look at options that are sustainable for our planet while maintaining your festive spirit.

Lucky for you, ceramic décor is making a comeback and they’re eco-friendly.  

The revival of the ceramic tradition is due to many factors, the most prominent of which is the change in trends and fashions. The trend has taken over and people are storming their grandma’s attic to look for all the ceramic decorations she stored up there ages ago.

The ceramic ornaments can further be used in decorating your house that helps in giving a vintage yet festive vibe. If well-lit and creatively designed, your house has the chance of standing out during the holiday season.

The trend of ceramic decorations is quickly catching up with users of all types. However, there are very limited companies and businesses that can keep up with the rising demand for these quirky ornaments.

We at Velha Goa are amongst the few who specialize in ceramic products and our Christmas line is exceptionally alluring and always a hit during the festive season.

Ceramic Mistletoe

Share a kiss under these beautifully hand-crafted ceramic mistletoes and preserve the memory of it for a lifetime.

Ceramic Miniature Christmas trees

Living in small spaces, or do not have the time to get yourselves real Christmas trees? Not to worry, our miniature Christmas trees are just as beautiful as the real ones. 

Ceramic Pair up Christmas Décor

Having a small get-together for Christmas or having a house party? Get your centerpiece game right with our Ceramic collections that you can mix and match to make the most sophisticated décor for your homes.

Ceramic Christmas Themed Holders

Let everything in your house resonate with the spirit of Christmas. Our Christmas ceramic holders are perfect for your flowers, cutlery, or anything wish for it to hold.

Ceramic Christmas Candle Holders

Candles bring out the true Christmas vibes, pair them up with our ceramic candle holders that are designed specifically to match your Christmas aesthetic.

All of the above products can be brought at Velha Goa. We specialize in hand-made ceramic products and customize pieces as per your request. Shop from our galleries at Panjim or Margao this Christmas for the latest ceramic collection.

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