Home Decor 2020 – 6 Ways To Include Ceramic In Your Interior

Home Decor 2020 – 6 Ways To Include Ceramic In Your Interior

Ceramics are amongst the most ancient decors. They still stand the test of time and establish themselves as the superior décor choice. They are suitable for both high scale projects and minimal decors, although fragile in nature they’re sustainable with effective care. If you’re re-inventing your space in 2020 here are 6 ways to include ceramics in your interior.


Vases are the classiest décor of all, they’re flexible you can add flowers to them or they can be displayed by itself. The vases aren’t transparent that hide the stems of the flowers making the whole setup more beautiful.



2020 Is all about aesthetics, everything in your house should be Instagram worthy so time to switch up your light fixtures to ceramic ones to add the most unique and alluring look to your house.



Nothing beats a ceramic mug. They have been a steady favorite gift item for generations, we’ve all received a mug from our loved ones and the beauty of it never fades. They’re interactive, eco-friendly and just the comfort you look for at the end of the day.

They make the perfect little sets of tea or coffee cups.


Plastic dishes are not only bad for the environment but also for your health. Ceramics come in a wide range of colors, sizes and bizarre shapes to add quirk to your kitchen and perk up your food appeal.

These unique designs become a conversation starter.


Yes, the brown planters are classic but ceramic planters are sophisticated and help you keep them alive much longer.

6. Decor, Accents, and Extras

There is a lot more to ceramics than just mugs and dishes there is an amazing range of pieces that compliment your décor when done right.

These pieces go from wall tile art to ceramic candle holders.

You can buy some of the pieces shown above at the Velha Goa gallery.

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