Enchanting Wall Panel Décor 2019

Enchanting Wall Panel Décor 2019

If you need to switch up your décor whether it’s for home or work area, and want to add more character? We have just the thing for you: turn your walls into the focal points by decorating them with panels.

Decorative wall panels come in a lot of different styles, sizes, shapes, and materials and we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite models for you to be inspired by. They have the power to transform simple decors into extraordinary spaces with a lot of character.

We’ll start with a very cool and elegant design that defines Goan agriculture. This was possible thanks to the beautiful decorative wall panels created by Velha Goa, a company that specializes in the production of Ceramic tile arts and décor. As you can see, the design is very eye-catching, and the panels give a very authentic feel.

A two-piece panel waiting to welcome your guests and visitors.

This wall panel was designed for a church but can also be customized for your homes and workspaces. This not only adds an ecclesiastical vibe to your space but also provides a serene aesthetic to your décor.

You can renovate your prayer space with this beautiful panel that will save you space from mounting miniature statues. Also, a great addition to your workspace to cleanse the stressful environment and creating a positive atmosphere.

Another religious portrait style wall panel created for a church that is a must-have piece. This adds a picturesque view for your space that has a very biblical touch to it.

These panels were used in the inner walls of the church that made them look inviting and charming. It will hold the same effect in your house or your workspace. It creates a sacred aesthetic for your décor that can be mixed and matched with a lot of different things and ideas.

It is not necessary that the decorative wall panels will cover the entire wall, although that’s often the case. This panel stands out not because it’s small, but because Its most important characteristic is that it represents the idea of Goa.

A great piece for you to connect with your soil. This will serve as a reminder of home, wherever you place it.

This panel was customized specifically for a business with their name hand-painted on it. The eye-catching colors and painting are sure to make it stand out from all its competitors. This a unique replacement for your boring old welcome boards.

This also pays homage to local artists and local culture, both of which add more value to your business and brand.

This alluring wall panel is exactly what your homes need to complete the lavish, luxury look. The intricate design and explosion of colors with careful inclusion of Azulejos on the borders, this is a sophisticated and classy piece.

While this will look amazing on your bungalows and homes, this one will work wonders for your workspaces too like for e.g. Cafes, restaurants, and bodegas have the perfect set up for décor like this.

If you’re intrigued by the wall panels and have your mindset to re-invent your spaces with these then head on over to Velha Goa, where they make customize pieces that fit your homes, offices etc, perfectly.

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