Home Décor Trends 2019 – Ceramic

Home Décor Trends 2019 – Ceramic

Ceramic home décor may sound threatening to a lot of people considering they’re fragile compared to other materials, however, they’re more resilient and durable than you think. Let us first understand;

What is ceramic?

Ceramics fall under the category of inorganic and non-metallic materials, ideal for daily lifestyle. They’re commonly used for tiles, bricks, plates, glass, and toilets.

Interestingly, ceramics are also found on space shuttles, appliances (enamel coatings, and airplanes (nose cones). They can be dense or lightweight depending on the method they’re forged in.

Contrary to popular belief, they demonstrate immense strength and hardness properties; However, there are often brittle in nature. Ceramic is also defined as ‘refractory’ material, which is a technical, science term that means it can put up with everyday abuses like extreme temperature, attacks from acid and alkalis, and the general wear and tear.

How are they made?

They’re generally made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into desired forms. After the desired shape is given, it undergoes high temperature in oven known as a kiln. They’re often covered in decorative, waterproof, paint-like substances known as glazes.

How to inculcate it in Home Décor?

Now that you know ceramics are ideal for home décor, let us see how you accessorize your home with different ceramic products:

Ceramic tiles

A popular choice of tile for flooring materials in homes and offices throughout the world. They also take the lead for walls, backsplashes, showers and more.

From Velha Goa Plaque Collection

Ceramic tiles are eco-friendly, they reduce household allergens, increase your home’s value, and is practical, functional and beautiful. If you’re looking for something extra-ordinary, then you should get Azulejos tiles.

Raul’s House

Azulejos are hand painted ceramic tiles, a common tile art observed in a lot of Goan architecture, they embellish homes, businesses and the sidewalks. These beautiful tiles are sure to add to your sophisticated and exquisite aesthetic.

Ceramic Wall Décor

Ceramic wall art and wall sculptures bring picturesque beauty to your walls in three dimensions. Right from realistic depictions to abstract shapes in clay, each of these works of art offer a unique touch to the walls of your home.

Ceramic Wall Art
Ceramic tiles

Furniture (with ceramic décor)

It’s a difficult task to coordinate everything in your home décor especially furniture.

Premier Inn

In this pursuit of balance, each of the two elements of furniture and tiles there is a way to combine both. Furniture embellished with ceramic tiles are unique and exquisite pieces of furnishing.

Ceramic ware

Most people associate the word ceramic with clay pottery that tends to break easily. Ceramic on the other hand is the new age dinner ware that is baked in a kiln.

Ceramic Plate
Ceramic Plate

They’re however often fired up in a kiln which makes them long lasting durable, stronger and less prone to damage. After its fired up, the dinner ware is then dipped in a glaze which provides stain resistance and a non-stick coating.

Name plaques

If you’re wondering how the name plaque can become a part of home décor then you need to start thinking outside the box.

Although, they’re meant for entrances if you play around with them you can include it indoors too. Outside the box concept, sure to leave your guest’s in awe.

Radisson Blu

Home décor 2019, is all about taking risks and trying new things. Now that you know all you need to know about ceramic décor head to Velha Goa to grab all the amazing pieces shown in the images and many more.

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